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Mom’s Famous Kimchi and Bacon Fried Rice

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I need to tell you now. My mom is an incredible cook. She’s one of those talented people who can whip up dishes with any ingredients she has on hand, with no need to measure anything. I’ve tried writing down measurements while watching her cook, but alas, my meals never more »

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Sandwich Madness:: Meatball Bahn Mi

I remember a few years ago when bahn mi sandwiches seemed to be mentioned in every food blog, magazine, etc., - there was no way you could escape the bahn mi madness! And I wanted to go to there. You would have thought  with all of the delicious Vietnamese restaurants in Minneapolis, Mr. B and I more »

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Glittery adornments are amusing (and dare I say it – almost necessary) and it seemed appropriate to name this blog after something a little whimsical. Confetti in her hair made me smile because it brought to mind a person who lives for the moment. And of course, probably accessorized with something sparkly.

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